Crowdsourcing Content

DG is nothing without you, the followers, the stalkers, the Lawdogs for ESRI (FYI you need to Fed Ex Cease and Assist letters, I never check my mail)  Anyway, we all know the LMFAO song “Party Rock Anthem”  if you don’t here is a link to it in the youtubes

As geofolk we are all familiar with the process of buffering…so doing a quick google search I came up with this monstrosity

Umm, yeah we can do better…

Why?  Because we are MOTHERFUCKING GEOGRAPHERS thats why?

What I am asking you to do….Send me vines, vidoes, gifs whatever of you buffering, maps with buffers, Script running.  Ugly, stupid, Artistic, functional, whatever you have cause I have to fill 


Pipe things to

If we can get our shit together, I would like to have this live for FOSS4G…if now…we can figure it out.

Thank you - and hey, its not like I’m asking you to Kickstart anything.

All proceeds go to the “FOSS4G - ESRI Recovery Clinic established 2014”