I'm in a SCIF

To the tune of “I’m on a Boat”

Oh shit, get your IDs ready
power your phones down
and check them at the motherfucking desk
But you can keep your paper notebook
You’re cleared on JPAS, you can go

I’m in a SCIF, I’m in a SCIF
Nobody can see
'Cause I'm working in a SCIF
I’m in a SCIF, I’m in a SCIF
Take a a seat at the workstation
In the motherfucking SCIF

I’m SCIF motherfucker, you can’t talk to me
Data flowing to the analyst in sector b
Busting SCI, cutting wind you can help but to take a whiff
You can’t help it  motherfucker, ‘cause we’re in a SCIF

Common Operational Picture Screen, I’m in a SCIF, bitch
We office coffee’cause it’s dark a pitch
I got my blue shirt and my hush puppies
I’m consuming data, that you can’t copy

I’m logging onto JWICS, its slow as shit
But this data secure, from a classified asset
But this is the intel world, this is real as it gets
I’m in a SCIF, motherfucker, don’t you ever forget

I’m in a SCIF and battle rhtytem is fast and
I got a secure connection, but it ain’t broadband
I’m the  Fucking Spatial Desk, data munging bozo
If you’re out on the floor, then you’re sure not me, oh

Get the fuck up, this situation is real

Fuck speed, I’m in a SCIF, motherfucker
Fuck Sun, I’m windowless, motherfucker
I’m on the watch with my boys, motherfucker
This server room make noise, motherfucker

If they knew we can see them now
Arms dealers making deals in Macau
Gonna fly this drone closer somehow
Like Maverick, anything is possible

Yeah, never thought I’d be in a SCIF
After what I did in college
Watch Officer Look at me
oh, all hands on deck
Never thought I’d see the day
When I’d be spying on Norway
Believe me when I say
I fucked  the congressional aid

I’m in a SCIF  I’m in a SCIF
Nobody can see me
'Cause I'm workin' in a SCIF
I’m in a SCIF, I’m in a SCIF
Its a Long hard day
In the motherfucking SCIF