Its what all the young hip kids are talking in these days


So, the Ringleader in Redlands is at it again.  Naming stuff, with current pop cultural references.  ESRI’s career board had a posting for this (Its just the job title.  The job description is so vague and poorly written, it might as well been DO COMMUNITY STUFFS)

Enterprise (Jive) Community Specialist

At first, I thought Jive might be some new Javascript thing, then I read the description.  Here is a blurb, I don’t want to torment you

Play a major role in introducing and growing this online network across Esri, built to support internal communities of practice and innovation.

I know large companies need social media managers, and collaboration specialists so they aren’t stepping all over each other.  Thats not my issue.

My issue is they’re calling it Jive.  Considering the amount of creativity that goes into external marketing campaigns, I can’t imagine what the internal ones are like.  And naming it Jive?  Did you pop culture references stop with Welcome Back Kotter, and Freddy “Boom-Boom” Washington?  

I couldn’t find an animated gif from Airplane, so here is a static one.

 So we can assume that ESRI is looking for June Cleaver.  In order to keep this entertaining, I plugged Jive Community into my favoite animated gif search engine, and I’ll share the top 3

That should have been obvious

Again Obvious

I have to admit Jesse from the prequel to Showgirls was something I was not expecting.

Here is the point.  The ESRI marketing department is as creative as a 7th grade Gym Coach.  ”Well, Jive means talking so, okay.”    Actually, it doesn’t.  Straight from the Fridge Dad (the last dictionary you’ll ever need) defines Jive

Jive - A versatile word which can be used as a noun, verb or adjective. Noun – an odd form of speech. Verb – to fool someone. Adjective – phoney or fake.
Old Satchmo can lay down some crazy «jive.» Don’t «jive»me man, I wasn’t born yesterday. That cat is one «jive» 
Actually I stand corrected.  Jive is PERFECT.